Ema’s Secret – Ghost Bride Dress

Somehow my weddings never seem to go as planned…
BUT, at least I looked amazing in the “Ghost Dress” from Ema’s Secret!
Well, I look good compared to the groom…when it came time to say “I do”,
he hesitated. He won’t do that again.

In sizes for Freya, Hourglass, and Maitreya,
in both clean and bloody with veils to match, it’s a perfect fit for every blushing bride! Blushing, dripping with blood, whatever the case may be…

Available now at The Dark Style Fair!
See the rest of Ema’s Secrets at the Mainstore or on the Marketplace!

Emas Secret Ghost Bride Dress

Ema’s Secret – Ghost Bride Dress
Ema’s Secret – Ghost Bride Veil

BHB – “Glass Slippers” V6
Earthstones – The Diamond Stud Earrings
Heth Haute Couture – Catalysis Ring
Laura Liberty – Bloody Kitchen Knife

Ama – Blood Splatter Tattoo
Izzie’s – Demon Mesh Eyes
Izzie’s – Blood and Wounds Tattoo
Lelutka – Beast Teeth
Lelutka – Key Hairbase
Mina – Arwen Hair


Tooty Fruity – Heels – Jessi

Super thin stiletto heels, delicate cords wrapping the ankle, and pretty tassels dangling in the back, are just some of the details that make the “Jessi” Heels by Tooty Fruity oh so feminine, and oooh sooo sexy!

With versions for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink, plus a hud with 8 colors to color each part of the shoe, there is a size and color combination for every outfit! Available at the Point Event from 10/13/19 – 11/3/19! You wont want to miss this, mark your calendar!

The Point EventTooty Fruity MainstoreTooty Fruity on the Marketplace

Tooty Fruity - Heels - Jessi

VU – Spellbound Lingerie

AvaWay – Sindy Rings
Earthstones – The Diamond Studs
Petroff – Bracelets
Tooty Fruity – Jessi Heels

alaskametro – Bubblegum Lipgloss
Izzie’s – Eyeliner
Lelutka – Key Hairbase
Sintiklia – Titania Hair

Visionaire Institute Graduation Summer 2019

Thanks so much for supporting my effort and my journey,
and for supporting the great work being done at Visionaire!

Since late 2011, I have become something of a jack-of-all-trades here in SL.
I have had numerous hobbies and jobs including drag racing, DJ’ing,
modeling, and now photography.

About my exhibit:

Admittedly, I struggled. Not only to take photos I could be proud to display, but I also struggled to decide how I would interpret such a broad theme. Journeys come in all shapes and sizes. Some are real, and some are imagined. Some journeys are physical, some are mental or emotional. Some are full of joy, others are a result of the lowest times in our lives. Some journeys are once in a lifetime, and some are repeated over and over. All of them are necessary. As I like to say in RL, “It takes what it takes, to get where you’re going.”.

I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve chosen to share. I hope they make you feel…something. Maybe they’ll remind you of a time or place, of a feeling, or an emotion. Maybe they’ll make you realize that we’re all on this journey together, and you are not alone. Perhaps they’ll even inspire you to start a journey of your own.

Again, thank you for your support and encouragement, and thank you to the instructors and my fellow students for making this class an amazing learning experience.

♥ Cat

Catalysis Visionaire Graduation
Catalysis Visionaire Graduation
Ready For Takeoff
Ready For Takeoff
Lone Cactus
Lone Cactus
Sunrise Departure
Sunrise Departure
Bent, Not Broken
Bent, Not Broken
Dreamer's Cove
Dreamer’s Cove
Shelter Me
Shelter Me
Dear God, Check Please...
Dear God, Check Please…
Going Home
Going Home
Visionaire Graduation
Many, many thanks to Wren and Nariko for this beautiful photo/notice,
and for their knowledge, love and support along the way! ♥

Ema’s Secret – Iza Dress

As soon as I slipped into this dress I started thinking ahead to the holiday party season! Whether you’re looking forward to all those festive holiday gatherings too,
or you’re searching for the perfect dress for a night out with that special someone,
the Iza Dress from Ema’s Secret is just the answer!
Available in 8 sparkling colors, and fitted for Freya, Hourglass, and Maitreya,
it’s a perfect fit for nearly every body and every wardrobe!

Ema's Secret - Iza Dress

The Iza Dress from Ema’s Secret is available NOW at the Commotion Event!
Check out the rest of Ema’s secrets at the Mainstore and on the Marketplace!

Ema’s Secret – Iza Dress

Champagne Flute (creator unknown)
DE Boutique – Letters & Lipstick Heels
Lazuri – Spring Collection Bracelet, Earrings, & Necklace

Exile – Countess Hair
Izzie’s – Daphne Glamorous Lipstick
Kosmetik – Wingtip Eyeliner/Shadow
Lelutka – Key Hairbase

Tooty Fruity – Dress – Meredith

Super versatile, very classy, and more than a little sexy, the Meredith dress from Tooty Fruity comes in sizes for ALL the major mesh bodies!
With a texture hud loaded with 10 warm colors, this dress is ready to take you from Back-To-School all the way through the winter!
Available at the Tooty Fruity Mainstore and on the Marketplace!

Tooty Fruity - Dress - Meredith

Tooty Fruity – Meredith Dress

Blueberry – Show Time Bracelet
Hilly Haalan – Jodi Heels
J.H. Industries – Square Frame Glasses
Meva – Marlene Bento Rings
MMC – Stockings No. 7

Emo-tions – Mono Hair
Izzie’s – Daphne Glamorous Lipstick
Izzie’s – Eyeliner Applier
Lelutka – Key Hairbase

~ Fall Makeover ~

It’s been longer than I care to admit since I updated my look…
(like two and a half years). LOL

I’ve been trying on demo’s for a couple months and finally came up with a skin/head combo that I’m really happy with.
The shape is my own, and still a work in progress. Let me know what you think!

Sept 2019 Makeover
Sept 2019 Makeover 2

Since this is basically just an appearance blog, and wanting to keep my unique look, I’m not going to share all the details in a regular stylecard.
I will tell you this: the hair is from Argrace, the jewelry is from Chop Zuey,
and the dress is from D2T.

Soaking up the last of summer…

…in the Jan Swim Set by Tooty Fruity!

This sexy two piece swim set is perfect for making the most
of these last days of summer!
It comes in sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, and Venus, and with ten gorgeous colors and prints, you can mix & match ’til your heart’s content!
Available at the main store here, or on the marketplace here!

Tooty Fruity - Swim Suit - Jan

Tooty Fruity – Jan Swim Set Bottom
Tooty Fruity – Jan Swim Set Top

Blaxium – Thora Piercings
Caresse de Valentin – Gold Bracelet
Curb – Luna Barefoot Sandals

Astralia – Compatible Nails System
Booty’s Beauty – Baby Kisses Lipstick
Lelutka – Key Hairbase
Lelutka – Spencer Eyeliner
Stealthic – Intrepid Hair