THE Mall – It’s more than just shopping!

If you’ve been to THE Mall, you already know it’s a great place for one-stop shopping with fourteen top SL designers!
What you may not know is that photo ops abound at THE Mall too!

The Mall:
(TP boards can take you where you want to go
or use the slurls below to check out the photo ops!)

THE Photo Studio:

THE Ruins:

THE Photo Studio is a convenient, open to the public, collection of unique
and ever changing backgrounds, poses and props!


THE Ruins are a tropical paradise for photographers and models alike!


Suggestions and comments are welcome!
Drop me a note card at THE Mall Welcome Desk!


Follow You Follow Me – Genesis

I will follow you will you follow me
All the days and nights that we know will be
I will stay with you will you stay with me
Just one single tear in each passing year there will be

Please consider following my blog! I will, you guessed it, follow you back!
Please have an easy to find follow button, not just for me, for you and all your readers!

Just Another Blogspot Refugee

As I sit here faced with the task of either moving my blog, or starting completely over, it’s made the think about the journey I’ve been on for the last three and a half years since I started modeling in Second Life.

People have given me lots of great advice over the years. Some I have taken, and some I have chosen to ignore. One of the bits of advice I wish I had taken was starting my SL fashion blog on WordPress. Almost 14,000 page views later, now I must decide if I want to try to transfer all that work to this site, or just let it go…

The timing is interesting, I’ve just signed up to take a photography class at Visionaire Institute in Second Life. So, whether I move my older work here or not, going forward I’m hoping my skills will be much improved. Maybe a fresh start isn’t such a bad idea… I haven’t decided yet. I guess when I do, you’ll be the first to know, if it shows up here. This site will either grow instantly, full of posts showing the slow transformation of my avatar over the last few years, or it’ll continue on from this fresh start.

I always said my blog was my place to not only talk about SL fashion, but to rant, rave, and speak my mind. I don’t expect that will change much. I don’t do a lot of ranting, but I am fairly opinionated. I don’t expect the readers to agree with, or like everything I say and do. Don’t be shy! I learn more from criticism than I do from praise, comments and suggestions are welcome!

For now, I have copied my resume over. It’s available on a note card in Second Life as well.